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Version 1.0d Changelog
[Bug Fixes]
-Fixed Deidara model bug.
-Fixed a revive bug concerning Naruto's clones.
-Fixed a calculation error for Soi Fong's Backstab and various other things.
-Fixed a bug where Hidan's Self Pain only inflicts half the damage to enemy rather than full.
-Fixed a crash bug relating to Hidan attacks user with Jashin Necklace.
-Fixed a error on Ura Renge where unit's placement can land out of map boundary.
-Fixed some damage bugs relating to Ishida.
-Fixed alot of bugs relating to Tousen.
-Fixed the fucking annoying strength growth bug on Kenpachi.
-Fixed a exploit on Deidara's C-3 where players could cast it with no mana cost or cooldown.
-Players cannot use -debug when game ends.
-Players cannot use -debug when Neji is using ultimate.

-Reduced abit more lag for Kisame's Suiton: Suikoudan No Jutsu.

-Dying hero gold loss returned back to old equation: -95 - (5 x Level of dying hero) = gold loss.
-Killing hero gold gain changed to old equation: (Level of dying hero x 5) + 100 = gold gained.
-Increased Yamato's Kouba No Ori's cooldown from 25 to 28 seconds.
-Increased Yoruichi's Shunpo Strike's damage from 75-125 to 100-150.
-Increased Lee's Omote Renge's cooldown from 35 to 36 seconds.
-Increased Yoruichi's and Soi Fong's movement speed from 355 to 360.
-Increased Tousen's movement speed from 350 to 355.
-Increased Tousen's Nake! radius from 600 to 650.
-Decreased Yamato's Mokuton Hijutsu: Jukai Koutan's casting range from 7000 to 6500.
-Decreased Yamato's Seed Sprout's cooldown from 15 to 12 seconds.
-Decreased Lee's Omote Renge's damage by 25 all levels.
-Decreased Lee's Omote Renge's casting range from 475 to 450.
-Decreased Lee's Konoha Senpuu's casting range from 600 to 550.
-Decreased Lee's Konoha Senpuu's damage 25 all levels.
-Decreased Lee's Konoha Senpuu's cooldown from 16 to 14.
-Decreased Deidara's Clay Spiders' duration from 90 to 80 seconds.
-Decreased Deidara's Clay Spiders' damage by 5%.
-Decreased Ichigo's Bankai's duration from 60 to 45 seconds.
-Changed Deidara's Clay Spiders' mana cost to 100/140/180/220.
-Yoruichi's Shunpo Strike can now attack creeps.
-Ishida's Sprenger activates abit faster.
-Reiraku's price reduced from 600 to 550.

-Corrected tooltop error of Tousen's Nake! due to new optimization.

Many improvements in coding. Fixed many problems and further balanced. It's safe to safe that this is 100% better than 1.0c... of course we still have alot of stuff to improve.

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